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Andrea & Anthony Vizzari - A&A Studios Inc.

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbors Andrea & Anthony Vizzari.

Episode Notes

Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, and Apple - all started out of a garage. While today's guests aren't quite yet a multi-national behemoth, their business story also began in a garage as a passion project and has experienced tremendous business growth ever since.

Andrea & Anthony Vizzari are the co-founders of A&A Studios Inc., a multi-faceted creative studio capturing the golden age of the photobooth. As the "Photobooth Architects", Andrea & Anthony provide custom digital design and analog restoration of photobooths.

In our conversation, we discuss how Andrea & Anthony found their way to Riverside, how their backgrounds in architecture, photography, and design and Andrea's love of photobooths lead to starting their business, and how they've fallen in love with Riverside's small town charm while enjoying easy access to the city for their business needs.

I hope you enjoy getting to know our neighbors Andrea & Anthony Vizzari.