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Shari Klyber - Principle Dance

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Shari Klyber.

Episode Notes

Despite being a village of only 9,000 residents, Riverside seems to be full of folks doing interesting things within their chosen profession who also make time to give back to the small village we call home. Today's guest is another fine example of someone who excels in doing both.

Shari Klyber is the director of the Early Childhood Development program at Principle Dance in nearby Forest Park and also serves on the Riverside District 96 School Board.

In our conversation, we discuss Shari's experience growing up around the country and how her background in physiology led to her current role at Principle Dance. We also learn about Principle Dance's beginnings in Riverside and how Shari's desire to bring a teacher's perspective to the school board lead to her decision to volunteer & run.

I hope you enjoy getting to know our neighbor Shari Klyber.