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Ike Orcutt - BuckleDown Brewing

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Ike Orcutt.

Episode Notes

Is there anything better than having a neighbor & friend that brews their own beer? While you might be inclined to say no, you could have neighbor & friend that runs & owns a local brewery.

My guest today is Ike Orcutt. Ike is the co-founder and head brewer at BuckleDown Brewing, a local small craft brewery conveniently located right next door in Lyons, IL.

In our conversation, we discuss how Riverside's unique footprint on Google Maps lead Ike and his family to Riverside, how he transitioned from home brewing and working in advertising to starting a brewery with a former client of his, and how his business and family prioritize giving back locally through their involvement with the Riverside Junior Woman's Charity.

I think you'll enjoy getting to know our neighbor Ike Orcutt.