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Rory Dominick - Rory & Co. & Cameron Can

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Rory Dominick.

Episode Notes

Adversity is part of life and the only part we can control is how we handle it. It is clear to me, based on our recent conversation, that our neighbor Rory Dominick only knows one way to handle adversity and that is to tackle it head on.
Rory is a real estate agent & owner of Rory & Co., a real estate practice that specializes in helping buyers & sellers in the western suburbs of Chicago. In addition to her work in real estate, Rory is also the executive director of the Cameron Can Foundation which helps support families of special needs children battling neurological diseases.

In our conversation, we discuss Rory's roots in Michigan and her background in advertising, how she found her way to real estate when she was ready to start a family, and how navigating her family's challenges raising a special needs child led her to start the Cameron Can foundation to pay it forward to other families in need.

I really enjoyed my conversation our neighbor Rory Dominick. I hope you do too.