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Aberdeen Marsh-Ozga - Visit Oak Park

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Aberdeen Marsh-Ozga.

Episode Notes

A small village like Riverside thrives when you have people dedicated to giving back to the community. Luckily, we have that in spades here in Riverside and my guest today is another great example.

Aberdeen Marsh-Ozga's advocacy for Riverside is apparent through her involvement in numerous Riverside-related organizations & projects. She also recently became the Board Chair of Visit Oak Park, a regional tourism agency that helps market Riverside as a covered community.

In our conversation, we discuss Aberdeen's roots in Michigan and how her family found their way to Riverside, her work on Riverside's Preservation Commission, her involvement with the Olmsted Society, and her new role as the Board Chair of Visit Oak Park. You'll also hear the genuine passion she shares for all things Riverside.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with our neighbor Aberdeen Marsh-Ozga.