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Sarah VenHorst - CC Wellness Solutions

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Sarah VenHorst.

Episode Notes

When you have a conversation with someone that is so genuine and real, it's hard not to walk away feeling recharged & refreshed. And that's the exact feeling I got from my conversation with our guest today.

Sarah VenHorst is the owner of CC Wellness Solutions, a new community focused wellness center offering adolescent & women's health counseling, reiki, and creative life coaching right here in downtown Riverside.

​In our conversation, we discuss Sarah's journey from English teacher to school counselor to private practice, how and why she started her practice before leaving her previous role, and how her desire to provide a place of community and well-being right here in Riverside inspired her to launch her own business and build out additional service offerings.

I really enjoyed getting to know our neighbor Sarah VenHorst and I think you will too.