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Nina Makovski - Waterlemon Kids

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Nina Makovski.

Episode Notes

Time is a luxury item for parents with small children so whenever you can knock out multiple things at the same time, it's a big bonus. That idea is something that today's guest kept in mind when launching her latest business.

Nina Makovski is the owner of Waterlemon Kids, a one of a kind indoor play, coffee, and boutique shop located nearby in downtown La Grange, IL.

‚ÄčIn our conversation, we discuss how Nina and her family decided to leave LA returning to their midwest roots when their daughter was born, how their desire to provide a place with something for everyone in the family lead to opening WaterLemon Kids, and how Riverside has delivered in spades providing the neighborly interactions and small town experiences that they were missing out west.

I hope you enjoy getting to know our neighbor Nina Makovski.