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Laura Muller - Spicy Latina Mom

Episode Summary

Here's my conversation with Laura Muller of Spicy Latina Mom.

Episode Notes

My favorite thing so far about this podcast has been discovering folks here in Riverside doing cool things that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. My guest today is no exception.

Laura Muller owns and operates Spicy Latina Mom, a website dedicated to a healthy taste for Mexican food and more. In addition to sharing hundreds of free recipes and having her own cookbook, Laura is a YouTube sensation with almost one million subscribers to her Spanish-speaking channel - Las Recetas de Laura - and over seventy-two million views of her videos! You can visit and subscribe to her English-speaking YouTube channel Spicy Latina Mom.

In our conversation, we discuss Laura's journey from her native Mexico to Riverside, how her personal struggles lead her to start her business & share her story with a growing online community, and how Riverside has welcomed her family with open arms in their short time here.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with our new neighbor Laura Muller.