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Adriana Saldana Meadath - Flur

Episode Summary

Here's my conversation with Adriana Saldana Meadath of Flur.

Episode Notes

Could you imagine becoming a pastry chef and working with many world renowned chefs only to then find out that you are gluten intolerant? Well that's what happened to Adriana Saldana-Meadath and this the story of how Flur, her gluten-free bakery & cafe located in downtown Riverside, came to be.

In our conversation, we discuss Adriana's transition from international business to becoming a pastry chef, how she saw own gluten intolerance as an opportunity to provide better gluten-free pastry options, and how she's positioned Flur to expand their product line across the greater Chicagoland area.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with our neighbor Adriana Saldana-Meadath.