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David Pollard - Liv Companies

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor David Pollard.

Episode Notes

Many people over the years have been drawn to Riverside through their love of our pastoral setting & historical homes. My guest today first noticed Riverside's downtown on a train ride years ago and our unique architecture clearly stuck with him as his family now calls Riverside home.

David Pollard is an architect and co-founder of Liv Companies, a design & build firm that specializes in residential remodels, additions, and custom homes. You might have noticed some of his work as Liv Companies has completed a number of projects right here in Riverside.

In our conversation, we discuss how David made his way from Virginia to Chicago, how his noticing our Water Tower while on the train years ago ultimately lead to his family moving to Riverside, the unique approach Liv Companies uses to simplify the design & build process, and how David and his family appreciate how much our community has welcomed them with open arms.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with our neighbor David Pollard.