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Jerry Owen - Jerry Owen Strength + Conditioning

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Jerry Owen.

Episode Notes

As we get into the swing of things here in 2019, you're probably not alone if getting in better shape found it's way on your New Year's Resolutions list. If you're tired of DIY fitness or are looking to add something new to your workout schedule, you'll really want to know about today's guest.

With over 16 years of experience in the health and nutrition industry, Jerry Owen is a licensed nutritionist and leading Chicago personal fitness trainer who has trained five professional fighters and six marathon competitors. He owns and operates Jerry Owen Strength + Conditioning in nearby Countryside, IL.

In our conversation, we discuss how Jerry's curiosity ultimately lead him from his hometown in Florida to Chicago and eventually to Riverside, his diverse background in acting, strength training and nutrition, and how he fell in love with Riverside's small town charm and even joined a popular neighborhood band.

I know you'll enjoy getting to know our neighbor Jerry Owen.