Live Here Riverside

Kristen Phelan Swiderski - 34 East Lounge

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Kristen Phelan-Swiderski.

Episode Notes

Riverside as a whole seems like a place where everybody knows your name but if you're looking for a spot in town where that's especially true, look no further than today's guest and her business.

Kristen Phelan Swiderski is one of the new co-owners of 34 East Lounge, Riverside's longest standing neighbor bar and lounge located right in downtown Riverside by the Water Tower.

In our conversation, we discuss how Kristen knew at a young age that she was destined to live in Riverside, how her husband's desire to keep his favorite bar stool started the wheels in motion to purchase the bar, and how they are committed to making 34 East Lounge a family friendly gathering place for everyone here in Riverside.

I think you'll really enjoy getting to know our neighbor Kristen Phelan Swiderski.