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Apryl Chapman-Konar - Raising Blossoms Photograhpy

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Apryl Chapman-Konar

Episode Notes

When I started the Riverside Newcomers Facebook group, it wasn't intentionally done to discover folks to feature on this podcast but I quickly realized it would help me do just that. It's been a pleasure to spread the word about new folks who are doing great things here in Riverside and today's guest is no exception.

Apryl Chapman-Konar and her family are fairly recent arrivals here to Riverside. Apryl is the owner of Raising Blossoms Photography, where she specializes in natural, lifestyle photography.

In our conversation, we discuss how a job change brought Apryl and her family from California to Riverside, how the Riverside Area Mom's Facebook group helped her realize Riverside was the right spot for her family, and what it's like growing her business one connection at a time in a new community.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with our new neighbor Apryl Chapman-Konar.