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Chris Porter - Riverside Swim Club

Episode Summary

Here's my conversation with our neighbor Chris Porter.

Episode Notes

As generations of Riverside families with young children have done before us, we took the plunge – pun intended! – and joined Riverside Swim Club (RSC) this summer. And if our daughter's excitement level on opening day about having a group of her local friends to play and swim all summer with was any indication of what lies ahead, we're confident we've made a good investment.

Assuming we weren't the only family in Riverside looking to learn more about the pool, I reached out to Chris Porter, a long-time board member and current president of Riverside Swim Club.

In our conversation, we discuss how Chris and his family found their way to Riverside and how a neighbor's encouragement lead to Chris volunteering for the RSC board. Chris also shares a brief history of the pool, what's on tap for this upcoming summer, and why young families should consider joining the pool to tap into a built-in community of family fun.

I really enjoyed learning more about the pool and I think you will too. Here's my conversation with our neighbor Chris Porter.