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Suzanne Muirheid - Mindful Wellness Therapy

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our neighbor Suzanne Muirheid.

Episode Notes

I first met today's guest through my daughter's school. Then, in typical small-town Riverside fashion, we proceeded to seemingly run into each all over town. Once we got to talking and I learned more about her business, I knew her story would be a great one to share.

Suzanne Muirheid is a co-founder of Mindful Wellness Therapy. Located right next door to Riverside in the Berwyn Depot District, Mindful Wellness was founded in 2016 with the vision of becoming a community resource to help people feel better and lead more fulfilling lives.

In our conversation, we discuss how Suzanne and her family choose Riverside based on it's community feel and her small-town roots, how an interest in social work lead her to counseling, and how her combined desire to give back to her community & being from a family of entrepreneurs ultimately lead to the formation of Mindful Wellness.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with our neighbor Suzanne Muirheid.