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Scott Zimmer - The Chew Chew & Sawmilly

Episode Summary

Here's my conversation with Scott Zimmer of The Chew Chew & Sawmilly.

Episode Notes

Scott Zimmer's award winning restaurant, The Chew Chew, has been a pillar of downtown Riverside for the past twenty years. Scott invested in Riverside yet again when he opened Sawmilly, a high-end sandwich shop, last year right next door to The Chew Chew. If you've been to either The Chew Chew or Sawmilly, you know just how lucky we are that Scott chose Riverside.

In our conversation, we discuss Scott's journey from how he originally found Riverside, the evolution of The Chew Chew over the years, his decision to open Sawmilly at the encouragement of his long-time staff, and the community and great friends he's made over the years here in Riverside.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with our neighbor Scott Zimmer.