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Joel Alejandro - Mago's Styling Cave

Episode Summary

Here's my interview with our new neighbor Joel Alejandro.

Episode Notes

While Riverside's history and charm is easy to see, it takes a special business owner to see the unique potential that our small village in the forest offers. Luck for us, our guest today saw that potential when he decided to branch out on his own in Riverside.

My guest today is Joel Alejandro. Joel is the owner of Mago's Styling Cave, a new barber shop located right here in downtown Riverside.

In our conversation, we discuss Joel's start in and passion for barbering, how commuting through Riverside led to Joel opening his barber shop here, and how Riverside's strong sense of community has already made him feel welcome in our little village.

I really enjoyed learning more about Joel's vision for his barbershop in Riverside and I think you will too.